(Department of Justice Prison Reentry Initiative)

We have partnered with the Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance, Birmingham Weed & Seed, Birmingham City Jails,?Birmingham Police Department,?Birmingham Municipal Courts and Faith Chapel church?to provide mentoring and reentry services to inmates from the Birmingham City Jails and people who?are referred through the Birmingham Municipal Courts to give them a second chance to turn their lives around. Our DOJ participants are provided with all of the same services as our DOL participants. Regarding the mentoring program, "Second?Chances",?each participant is paired with their own mentor who is experienced, caring, non-biased and whose main goal is to encourage participants to consistently make wise choices that will help them in becoming successful members of our community.

Participants in this program completes a two-week reentry education and training program, which includes Financial Literacy, Life Skills, education and job training, and more. The participants are eligible to receive incentives and certificates?upon successful completion of the classes. They are also eligible to receive an incentive?once they have completed their GED, enrollment in Technical or Trade School or enrollment in post-secondary education.

We offer two career certification programs at our Success Center under the direction and leadership of Lawson State Community College and are taught by our own TDP certified specialists. Training in these programs enables participants to seek jobs with their new work certifications, state and nationwide. Participants participate in monthly mock interviews and job fairs.

Offenders have access to the following:

  • obtaining personal identification
  • coordination of housing
  • education, GED & job training
  • employment assistance/short term employment
  • substance abuse treatment
  • access to health care & medication
  • mental health screening
  • counseling and mentors
  • financial literacy training
  • life skills training and work support


  • male & female
  • 18 years of age or older by release date
  • non-violent offense (current crime only)
  • non-conviction for sexual offense ever
  • sentence in the adult criminal justice system