Marian Scott



Marian completed the eligibility process to enroll in the Youth Careers
program in December 2012 after a friend told her about the program to help
young mothers.

“I had just given birth to my second child. Although I wanted a job,
I wasn’t working and I didn’t know what kind of work I wanted to do if I
had been offered a job”. She acknowledged.

When Marian began the three- week life skills and career readiness
training at the Youth Career Center, she was not sure which of the
program’s occupational classes she wanted to select to earn career
certification. “ I had never considerd becoming a Certified Nursing
Assistant (CNA) before I made a career selection to get training as a CNA.
“That was one of the best decisions I have made” she exclaimed. Marian said
it wasn’t until she had enrolled in the occupational training class that
she began to see herself as a Certified Nursing Assistant. She began
working at a local retirement center in May of this year to utilize the
skills and training she received through the Youth Careers Program.

“I learned so much through The Dannon Project’s program and so many
great things have happened for me that have changed my life forever.” she
said in an interview. Marian was matched with a mentor after she enrolled
in The Dannon Project’s Young Parent Demonstation program to give her an
extra layer of support. “My mentor is a wonderful friend and advisor. “I’m
more confident that I can be successful”. Marian explained that after she
completed high school and became a parent, she had given up on her hopes of
going to college. Her mentor has encouraged her to build upon the training
she received through the program to become a CNA. She will enroll in
college in the fall to begin a nursing program to become a Registered

Marian said she is very grateful for the training and opportunities she
has received to give her life purpose and direction. The career training
Marian Scott received was made possible through DOLETA Young Parent
Demonstration program.