Precious Perdue - Youth Careers Participant


“I knew when I heard about The Dannon Project’s program to help youth get training to become healthcare professionals, that I had to enroll in the program if I wanted to have a better life and be able to provide for my two daughters” said Precious Perdue.

Precious completed the eligibility process to enroll in the Youth Careers program the same day after a friend of her mother told her about the program. “I’ll never forget that day”. she said, “A new class began the next day and I wanted to make sure I was in the class.”

When the new monthly class began at the Youth Career Center in January 2013, Precious was there ready to begin the three- week life skills and career readiness training that is required before beginning occupational training classes to earn career certification. She had considered obtaining certification for a CNA before she finally selected phlebotomy as her occupational choice. “I wanted something a little different.” Precious explained when asked why did she choose to become a phlebotomist. “ The training at The Dannon Project helped change my mind set about myself, my goals and my entire life focus. That’s why I made the choice to become a phlebotomist. Everything about me was changed.”

Six weeks later, Precious had completed the training to earn her certification in phlebotomy. She said she was well -equipped and prepared to begin her new career “ I had received hands on experience in phlebotomy. My case manager and other instructors provided me with the encouragement and motivation I needed to give me the extra push to put everything I learned into practice.”

Through a Dannon Project partnership with a local medical center, Precious will begin a preceptorship program to enhance her skills while working at the hospital with other phlebotomists.This program will open doors for other phlebotomy students enrolled in The Dannon Project’s Youth Careers program. The career training Precious received was made possible thru DOLETA Young Parent Demonstation program.

Precious is thankful for the investments The Dannon Project and its partners have made in her.