Reginald Woodson


Our Career Readiness “Dannon Star” is Mr. Reginald Woodson. He enrolled into our Success Lab on December 13, 2011. During his initial career counseling session, he told us that he wanted to receive computer training and test for his GED. He stated that he had never used a computer before and had no idea what email was. After his third day in the computer lab, Reginald was able to log on to the computer and complete Financial Literacy without the assistance of the lab instructors. He also began attending evening GED classes to prepare to test for his GED.  Not only was Reginald able to finish his classes with minimal assistance and is studying to test for his GED, he was placed in our Skills Training Program (STP) at New Good Hope Church performing renovations on their fellowship hall. We quickly realized that he was a fast learner and a team player. This is what allowed him to become a candidate to receive his HAZWOPER training certification in January 2012. Reginald is a very positive member of The Dannon Project family. He continues to be motivated to learn new things, because he is committed to establishing a better life for himself.  Reginald quoted, "I never thought that I'd be accomplishing the things that I am accomplishing right now in this program." We are so proud of you, Reginald!