Sherry Mayer - REXO Participant

“I was ready for a new start. I knew I could make a better life for myself
after prison and The Dannon Project was there to help me make it happen”.

Sherry attended a program orientation to enroll in The Dannon
Project’s reentry program in January 2013, a few weeks after she was
released from federal prison to reside at a local transitional facility. “
I knew then, that this was the opportunity I needed to put the necessary
things in place to have a life after prison”. she said after attending the
reentry program orientation.

The next day after she enrolled in the reentry program she began the
career readiness and workforce preparation training at the Success Training
Center to get financial literacy, life skills and job readiness training.
“I had worked in an office environment before incarceration. The career
training was very helpful. A lot had changed since I was in the workforce.
I was able to brush up on my skills, and get other training to prepare me
for today’s job market.” remarked Sherry about the benefits of the career
readiness training.

Sherry was the first participant to complete training to earn the
Front Desk Receptionist certification offered through The Dannon Project’s
career readiness program. “I was really excited about that. I knew then
that I was on a road to success”. The Dannon Project’s job placement team
helped Sherry obtain employment and get the work supports she required for
her new job with a local restaurant group.

The Dannon Project’s housing coordinator provided housing assistance for
Sherry to make the transition from the federal transitional facility to an
apartment this month. “ I was so excited when I learned that I was finally
going to have a place I could call home again.

Sherry said the reentry program is a great support for ex offenders. The
Dannon Project and the Department of Labor’s RExO program made it possible
for her to have a second chance.