Skills Training Program

The Dannon Project's Skills Training Program (STP) is a 100-hour employment skills training course, which provides a temporary workshop at designated work sites designed to help participants attain new job skills, update old skills, change their outlook and behavior, develop positive relationships and identify long-term goals to aid in the goal of making them become more attractive hires to employers. The focus of the skill training program is to help participants start on a career path, not just find a temporary job.

What's Offered in the STP?

The STP job training workshops are structured to engage participants for up to 20 hours per week of dedicated skills training, or even 80 hours up to 100 hours. The STP offers morning and evening training options. Participants that are selected for AM or PM training on STP attend training classes at our Success Center during the day. Dannon Project participants are eligible to earn a training stipend ranging from $7.25 to $9.00 per hour depending on the program of choice at 20 hours per week.


The STP focuses on eight (8) industry training skills:

  • Construction (Green Jobs)
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Forklift Training
  • Emergency Management Training (Ex: Debris Removal)
  • Landscaping
  • Food Service Training
  • Office Skills Training
  • Building Maintenance

Forklift Trainee from our Skills Training Program

Statewide Recognized Certifications offered at the Success Lab:

  • Alabama certified worker's certificate (ACW)
  • Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)
  • Nationally recognized customer service certification through NRFF
    (National Retail Foundation Federation)

Skills Training (Education and Employment) Program

Training for Dannon Project Participants is Essential

We provide integrated case management, life skills, readiness, short-term training (leading to certification), job placement and more, and we also collaborate with other local faith- and community-based organizations to provide assessments, housing referrals, mentoring, healthcare and medications, career training, education, career readiness training, employment, transportation, substance abuse counseling, drug testing and work support. Phew!

What are the Benefits of Skills Training?

Participants that complete the required training classes and 25 hours of community service, earn their CSC and can get placement to the Skills Training Program. The benefits include:

  • Learning new marketable skills
  • Improving existing skills
  • Updating their resume to include this new training experience
  • Earning a training stipend, paid bi-weekly
  • Marking weekly deposits into their bank savings account
  • Being better prepared to enter the workforce
  • Gaining possible employment after the completion of the STP

Home Repair, Caulking Trainee from our Skills Training Program.

Participants begin training at our Success Opportunity Center to begin the mandated training. This training begins with the completion of four (4) core training sessions:

  1. Financial Literacy Training
  2. Life Skills Training
  3. O'Net / Resume Preparation
  4. Work Keys with Career Readiness Certificate

Participants will learn:

  • How to complete employment applications
  • Interview techniques through our Mock Inverview Class
  • Time management and the importance of punctuality
  • How to perform assigned tasks, accept orders and critism
  • The value of teamwork and how to be part of a team

Our Job Readiness Program offers two (2) Career Certifications:

Participants can earn two nationally recognized industry certifications:

  1. Customer Service Certification (CSC)
  2. Ready to Work (RTW)

The customer service certification is required for participants to become eligible for the Skills Training Program (STP).

Become a STP Host Location

We're always seeking new STP training sites to allow even more participants to learn employable skills that can transfer into employment.

What's Needed?

- Training opportunities at a work site

- A supervisor or training coordinator to provide meaningful training and to help track participant's training hours

No risks involved, and no direct cost to you!

Contact Us to Get Started Today!

Call us at (205) 202-4072, or contact our STP Placement Coordinator, Monica Mendenhall, at, or contact our Education and Training Coordinator, Waneka Johnson, at