Our Staff

The Dannon Project is comprised of over 19 staff and consultants. Each of them are dedicated to serving our participants and achieving our mission and purpose to effectively be the difference maker in the lives of our clients. Our staff does not consider the agency as just a place of employment, but as a place that makes a difference in the lives we touch - one life at a time

Kerri Pruitt, MBA, serves as Executive Director of The Dannon Project

As Executive Director, Kerri is a visionary leader who serves with a heart of God walking in "restoration, renewal and refreshing of all she puts her hands to resulting in prosperity". She is often recognized nationally for her commitment to community service as evidence by receiving the General Mills Feeding Dreams Award and video telling the agency's story. She continuously develops partnerships and conducts ongoing planning, coaching by monitoring of implementation, tracking progress and reporting based upon goals to strategically build effective and efficient infrastructures that support participants, staff, partners and funders. She has created an organizational culture and climate of excellence for all stakeholders to succeed. Her staff and partners are encouraged to serve clients in a non-judgmental, caring, firm and consistent manner achieving high levels of success by clearly communicating expectations, available resources and accountability for actions. She has a bachelor's degree in Accounting and an MBA. She genuinely loves what she does and it shows. Kerri never meets a stranger as she gains instant rapport with people and often participants will share how they feel at peace when in her presence. The agency is so blessed to walk out the daily journey of restoration for the clients with Kerri leading in excellence, victory and success.