Success Lab

Career Readiness can be defined as knowledge and skills participants learn in order to embark successfully on a career-track employment position (that pays a living wage, provides benefits, and offers clear pathways for advancement through further education and training). Below we have listed the services that we currently offer in our Success Lab in hopes of assisting our participants to become prepared to obtain employment and their new lives.

Success Lab Services:

  • Orientation
  • Email account
  • Fdic money smart (financial literacy)
  • PBS Literacy Link (life skills)
  • GED Prep
  • Pre Ged Testing
  • Employment seeking strategies
  • Resume preparation
  • Job search support
  • Interview skills
  • Character development
  • Onsite mock interviews
  • Onsite job fairs
  • Career exploration
  • Job matching
  • Aidt ready to work (RTW) training and certification
  • Key train and work keys by ACT
  • Career focus
  • Customer service certification and training
  • Day/evening ged class
  • Career counseling
  • Ita referral
  • Alabama career center registration

Steps to complete Success Lab:

  • When participants enroll into the success lab they are given an email address and orientation to go over rules, regulations, lab hours, and overview of our classes.
  • After orientation is completed, participants enroll into Financial Literacy
  • Once completed, participants begin Life Skills. They complete Life Skills training in the areas of Employment Strategies, Communicating at Work, Reading at Work, and Math at Work.
  • Students are then able to enroll into Career Counseling where they are able to learn how to utilize O*Net, complete their resume, and discuss employment opportunities with our Job Development/Placement Coordinator.
  • Students then enroll into a certification class where they are able to obtain a Career Readiness certificate using Key Train and WorkKeys.
  • Once they complete the certification, they engage in 25 hours of community service
  • Once completed, they have successfully completed the requirements in the success lab and are eligible to receive an incentive.