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The Write Life Campaign

“The Write Life” is a songwriting therapy program developed by Grammy-Nominated songwriter, Alvin Garrett, in Birmingham, AL. 

Alvin Garrett uses his own innovative songwriting techniques to teach and develop life management skills, effective communication, and emotional maturity. 


The Write Life has partnered with The Dannon Project to provide a highly effective supplemental elective for our life-changing organization. Garrett is very passionate in his belief that music is a powerful influencer of culture; so he does not allow vulgarity, profanity, or “pollution” in his program. 


Two groups, The North Stars and The Riders, completed the program. Each group created a song and they are now participating in a healthy competition to see who can get the most plays. Each team will compete by seeing who can get the most plays on their respective Soundcloud links. A play = A Vote.


Take a listen to the songs that were created: 


“My Reflection” feat. The North Stars 




Ride It Out Feat The Riders 



The people will decide the winner so make sure you listen to your favorite song as much as possible until May 21, 2020!



My Reflection feat. The North Stars 



Ride It Out feat. The Riders 


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