The Dannon Project was founded in 1999 by Kerri Pruitt in response to the tragic and fatal encounter between two young men, one of which was her husband’s younger brother, Dannon Pruitt. Dannon was mistakenly shot by a young man named Jermaine who had recently been released from prison on a non-violent offense. Kerri believed, in her heart, that a strong family and community support system for Jermaine may have prevented his fateful encounter with Dannon. So she proceeded to establish this Non-profit social services agency that would help those on the road to redemption, in hopes of reducing recidivism and the types of tragic encounters her family endured.



To be a “Point of Contact” within the community that serves multiple elevated risk populations by providing case management, health services, education, and workforce readiness resulting in permanent employment, holistic health, and stable families.



To ensure maximum utilization of private charitable resources and government funding to support the development of healthy communities and lifestyles to decrease elevated-risk behaviors and economic exclusion caused by generational cycles of poverty.