Youth Development Program


The Dannon Project offers programming to address the unique needs of youth and young adults between the ages of 18-24. Our youth and young adult programs are designed to recognize, utilize, and enhance their strengths to promote positive outcomes through education, training, and career certification. We strive to enhance their interests, skills, and abilities with our programming.


Program offerings may include but, are not limited to: cultural activities and hobbies, mentoring and counseling, volunteer service opportunities and teenage pregnancy prevention, and special electives such as songwriting classes, book-reading clubs, and civic engagement.


Our goal is to increase the ability of young people to succeed in the educational arena and labor market. Those that successfully complete our programs are poised to become economically self-sufficient.

Youth Careers Program

Through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) The Dannon Project provides access to and opportunities for education, training, employment, and support services to youth with barriers to education and employment ages 18-24.  The Youth Career program allows youth to not only receive life skills readiness training but occupational certifications for a rewarding career. The program goal is to increase the ability of young people to succeed in education, both secondary and post-secondary, and in the labor market. Successful program completion leads to economic self-sufficiency.

Enrolled participants can take advantage of the following 14 program elements:

  • Tutoring
  • Alternative secondary school services for dropouts
  • Paid and unpaid work experiences
  • Occupational skills training
  • Education offered concurrently with and in the same context as workforce preparation activities and training for a specific occupation
  • Leadership development opportunities
  • Supportive services
  • Adult mentoring
  • Follow-up services for at least 12 months after program completion
  • Comprehensive guidance and counseling
  • Financial literacy education
  • Entrepreneurial skills training
  • Services that provide labor market employment
  • Activities that help youth prepare for and transition to post-secondary education and training

Young Adult Re-entry Program

Through the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA), The Dannon Project seeks to protect community safety by ensuring youth offenders ages 18-24 become productive, responsible, and law-abiding citizens. We implement innovative and effective strategies to help them maintain long-term employment and stable living.