Our mission is to ensure maximum utilization of private charitable resources and local, state, and government assistance to support the development of healthy communities and lifestyles, thereby decreasing at-risk behaviors that lead to violence, unemployment, disease, incarceration and re-incarceration, premature death, and economic exclusion cause by generational cycles of poverty.


The Dannon Project serves people on a practical and skill level but, we need people to serve them on a human level. Mentorship is an integral part of the journey participants embark on as they reestablish their lives.



Mentors provide a huge service to Dannon Project participants by:

  • Being a role model
  • Providing a listening ear
  • Encouraging Growth
  • Challenging old behaviors
  • Sharing life experiences

Mentors are vital to building healthy foundations upon which our participants build their second chance at life. Are you interested in mentoring at the Dannon Project? We know mentoring is not a cure all problems, but it can cure some problems.


Mentor Requirements:

  • 12-month commitment (once matched with a mentee)
  • At least 5 contact hours each month (weekly through text, phone, etc.)
  • At least one hour face-to-face time
  • Application & one-hour training

If you are interested in mentoring at The Dannon Project, please contact us in one of the following ways.

Email: mentoring@dannonproject.org | Phone: 205.538.0635

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